Literacy Rates in London Video

As you may well be aware, the Evening Standard have been running a campaign in London to raise literacy rates.

In this video, we talk about literacy in general and some tips on how to encourage increased literacy and reading in your family.

  • Up to a third of children do not own a book in London
  • Over 50% of employers have had to pay for basic training in order to improve employee’s basic literacy skills
  • There are lots of ways to help children (and especially boys!) to improve their reading
    • Libraries will lend up to 5 books which can help
    • TV is a distraction, try to avoid it where possible
    • Up to the age of 4, the maximum is 30 minutes TV a day
    • When it comes to reading, it is important to encourage your child’s imagination
  • Reading anything is better than nothing, ask relatives to buy books
  • Reading on computers or tablets can be a distraction!
  • Give your child a book made from trees, rather than a book made from bits and bytes!
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