GCSE Tuition Video

Here is a video which explores a number of factors to think about when considering additional GCSE Tuition for your child

  • If you are going to get help or additional tuition, try to get help early
  • At most good schools, pupils start GCSE in year 9, especially Maths and English
  • When looking for a teacher or tutor, look for the teacher’s qualification
    • A teaching qualification such as PGCE is much better than a PhD
    • Although some top schools don’t ask their teachers for a PGCE
    • It is awareness of the syllabus and teaching experience that is most important
  • One-to-one GCSE tuition is more expensive
  • Some students feel more comfortable in a small group, the socialisation helps
  • When looking for a GCSE tuition centre, it is worth looking for
    • The set up of the tuition centre
    • The teacher’s qualification’s and experience
    • The questions the centre asks you before you register
  • Finally, it is important for the centre to know the Examination Board and syllabus for science subjects
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