“This is a 'must-read' for any parent looking to improve the education and employability of their children”

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Below are the key benefits of this book:

  • A great insight into the British secondary education system, including both written and unwritten rules, that, if parents are aware of, will help them in ensuring their teenager gets the best out of the education system
  • A frank assessment – including facts and opinions of the state of education, which can act as a short cut and save parents many hours of valuable time as they look for guidance on navigating their way through the already complex web and constantly changing GCSE and A-level curriculum
  • This book not only highlights the excellence that exists in secondary education in England, but it also sheds light on the not-so-good aspects
  • This book is not only good for a parent with a child in secondary school, it is also recommended to parents of children who are still in primary school, so they can see what lies ahead for their children at the next critical age of their education
  • This book is a must read for a parent who has high aspiration for their teenagers and who wants to help their child to have a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive world.
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About the Author

There are not many people who are as passionate about education as Idris is and his recognition of the importance of training for young people is second to none.
As a father of two teenagers himself, he is a champion of high aspirations, and in tune with like-minded parents.

Idris has been working in the secondary education sector in England since 1993. Starting as a teacher, then a curriculum leader before founding a successful education organisation, now called Excel iLearn. The organisations that he leads have empowered 1000s of teenagers to achieve high exam grades at A-level and GCSE, and enabled them to gain admission to top universities

Idris has built an excellent reputation with thousands of aspirational parents, as a provider of advice and also high-end revision courses.
He has written hundreds of blogposts, a series of Success Tips for parents of teenagers and has innumerable videos on YouTube. All in the process of sharing ideas on what has proven to have worked and advising fellow parents and teenagers on how to get the most out of their education and achieve to the best of their ability.

Perry Marshall

Author, 80/20 Sales & Marketing and Evolution 2.0

Could anything be more apparent than the failings of our public educational institutions? Even at their best they barely manage to cultivate the unique proclivities of the individual; teach financial literacy and critical thinking skills; make technology our slave instead of our master; competently handle crises like pandemics. What is a parent to do? Here Idris Musty challenges you with questions not only for yourself but your children – and a method for the questioning itself. This book will engage you in a thoughtful exploration of options most would otherwise never consider.

Mike Southon

Co-author of The Beermat Entrepreneur and Visiting Professional Fellow, Regent's University

I was lucky enough to speak at one of Idris’s events and was very impressed by his passion and commitment to giving the best possible start to young people, many of whom have been let down by the education system.

His many testimonials demonstrate the fine work he does, and I wish him every success with his book Get the Grade

This is a 'must-read' for any parent looking to improve the education and employability of their children

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