Seven Super Tips for Exam Success

During exams time all diligent students will wonder how perform at their absolute best. How can they give themselves that extra edge which guarantees success? At Excel in Key Subjects we are experts at guiding our students to new academic heights. Here are our top tips:

  1. Review, Revisit, Revise – Sounds obvious, but devoting effective time to this requires more than just a cursory look through old notes. Prioritise revision. Be honest about what you know and understand. Aim to fill every knowledge gap – it’s the best way to gain top results.
  2. Get help – Truly successful students know when to seek assistance from others in order to promote their own learning. At Excel in Key Subjects, we offer a full suite of services, including intensive revision courses and Saturday Schools. Attending extra classes with experienced teachers can make the difference between mediocrity and outstanding results.
  3. Build a Private Plan – As you enter the revision phase, write your own revision schedule which ensures that every subject receives a useful amount of time. This is only part of the plan; the remainder involves knowing what is required to achieve the top grades and ensuring you have the resources to deliver.
  4. Create a Study Haven – It could be your bedroom, a dining room or a conservatory. Pick an organised, cosy place where you can study in peace and where your books can remain undisturbed; it is vital to your concentration.
  5. Benefit from Past Papers – Learning about the demands of previous exams in a subject is invaluable to furthering study. Become a master of achieving top marks in past papers and you will be setting yourself on the path to genuine exam success.
  6. Enjoy a Strong Support Network –Successful students ensure that they have the full understanding of friends and close family, insofar as possible. They also know when to contact friends to discuss a revision issue – without turning it into a long chat!
  7. Look after yourself – Eat regularly and well, stay hydrated with plenty of water, get your sleep, take breaks, enjoy a little exercise and above all stay positive. Your own well-being is the essential foundation upon which you can build superb exam success.
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