Young and Old – Be inspired by Peter Pegnall – a Real Genius when it comes to Creative Writing

Workshop – Young and Older

Two hours a week, for six weekly sessions; the sessions will develop exponentially, but it will be possible to join as the year goes on. The age range is from 12 to 18 and there will be an entrance requirement of a piece of prose, poetry or drama on a given range of subjects and styles. The sessions will consist of writing exercises, detailed scrutiny of individual efforts in any one of the three genres and some group creations.

At the end of the six sessions a certificate will be issued, a performance( open to the public) will be given and a publication produced. This course will help with GCSE coursework, A-Level English Language and life skills in general.

The spoken word will also be a vital constituent. Early application is advisable: Peter’s reputation precedes him, not only in the British Isles but elsewhere as well.

Open Workshop

As above, but with an increased focus on poetry and also journalism in the arts’ field. Peter is a regular obituarist; an exciting, rather than a gloomy business! The age range is 16 to Methuselah and there will be chances to attend readings at major venues : The Poetry Society and The South Bank amongst others.

The entrance requirement is four poems, or one short story (maximum length 3,000 words), a drama lasting no more than half an hour or two reviews of any artistic project (750 words each).
As time goes on, the chance to ‘go on the road’ with a show will be a distinct possibility. This has been done before, but not from this venue.

We look forward to sharing your cornucopia of creativity; or the trenchant stroke of your pen.

It is directed and conducted by Peter Pegnall, author of four, full length collections of poetry : three with Lapwing Press, Belfast, one with Blackwater Press, Leicester; regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent; tutor and Lecturer at Sussex, Lancaster and Leeds Universities; founder of A Casa dos Poetas, Silves, Portugal, the first fully Anglo-Portuguese Poetry Festival; Literature Organiser for The Brighton, The Berkshire and the Island Magee Festivals; playwright and critic.

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